Our Team

SiliconSage® Builders, LLC (“SSB”), was founded by Sanjeev Acharya, an experienced high-tech executive in Silicon Valley.
In 2007, he began his fascination with local real estate redevelopment and his transition to new home construction entrepreneur. The company has grown to over 200 employees in Sunnyvale, CA
SiliconSage® is proud of its unique design-build model with in-house Acquisition, Design, Construction and Sales.


Sanjeev Acharya President and CEO


Jeff Douthit Chief Operating Officer


Abraham Ponce Director of Construction


Lily Quan Director of Sales and Marketing


Rodolfo Chacon Director of Design


Payal Prasad Director of Project Management, Construction


Shaivali Desai Director of Acquisition & Forward Planning

Sanjeev Acharya
Sanjeev Acharya
President and CEO
Jeff Douthit
Jeff Douthit
Chief Operating Officer
Rodolfo Chacon
Rodolfo Chacon
Director of Design
Abe Pounce
Abraham Ponce
Director of Construction
Lily Quan
Lily Quan
Director of Sales and Marketing
Payal Prasad
Payal Prasad
Director of Project Management, Construction
Shaivali Desai
Shaivali Desai
Director of Acquisition & Forward Planning

Sanjeev Acharya is driven to convert his visions to reality through creative ideas, practical thinking and unprecedented passion. He believes in the importance of making positive contributions to people’s lives through intelligent business solutions, and possesses an instinctive talent for innovative problem solving.

Professionally, he holds a BS in Electronics and Communication and is a 20-year veteran in high-tech, software engineering and entrepreneurial roles. As a forward thinker, he detected a market in the Silicon Valley for high density, residential developments tailored to fit the modern lifestyles of local urbanites. With a deep understanding of socio-economics he is in a unique position to cater to a dynamic, millennial housing market. In 2001, Sanjeev was inspired to begin buying and selling real estate, and by 2010 he broke ground on his first development project. His extensive portfolio of work includes developments in Sunnyvale, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Santa Clara, San Jose and Fremont. By leveraging his expertise in real estate, land development and construction, Sanjeev Acharya founded SiliconSage® Builders in 2011.

It’s important to Sanjeev to continue executing ideas, staying ahead of trends and making a lasting, positive impact on his community. Industry experts have recognized him for his unique and pioneering Design Build business model, enabling him to be the leader of the mixed-use condo market. Sanjeev is playing a vital role in the urbanization of the Silicon Valley. His vision is to propel SiliconSage® Builders to a greater leadership role in similar, future transformations of other metropolitan areas.

As a supporter of several nonprofits, Sanjeev believes in the power of giving and maintains a healthy work-life balance through his spirituality, yoga and meditation practices. As a language enthusiast, he enjoys learning and teaching his son Sanskrit and is a proud, devoted and loving father.

Jeff Douthit is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of leadership experience in the real estate and construction industry. His areas of expertise include multi-family podium and single-family production homebuilding with an emphasis on large operations and land acquisition. To date, Jeff has an impressive portfolio of over $3.5 billion in real estate and community development projects. He has successfully directed division operations for one of the top U.S. public homebuilders in Northern California and Nevada.

As a leader, he has supervised, evaluated, mentored, and led a team of 100+ associates in vertical and horizontal construction developments. His expertise includes strategic execution of projects from concept to completion, covering the gamut of budgeting, pro forma and due diligence. Jeff gained valuable industry experience through his tenure at Toll Brothers and Lennar. As VP of Operations at Lennar in Northern California, he developed and implemented groundbreaking efficiency best practices, decreased cost and construction time, and sustained astonishingly profitable sales closings during a major recession.

Jeff is a Bay Area native who enjoys the outdoors and staying active. He believes in loyalty and accountability, and truly cares for the professional development of his team. Jeff Douthit is the Chief Operating Officer at SiliconSage® Builders, overseeing multiple directors and successfully managing all aspects of profitable operations. He is mission-driven and focused on integrating diverse organizations, field operations, and managing sustainable client and investor relationships. With a talent for resolving extremely difficult challenges, Jeff is highly skilled in the art of proactive communication and vision. He possesses a stellar reputation for executing under-budget and ahead-of-schedule results from start to finish. His unparalleled communication skills coupled with his motivation and inherent ability to positively influence and inspire a large, regional workforce speaks volumes of his successful track record. Fueled by progress, Jeff thrives on innovation, technical advancements and the evolving landscape of the real estate development industry.

Jeff holds a BS degree from San Jose State University.

Rodolfo Chacon brings over 20 years of experience in architectural design of multi-family residential and mixed use projects. Mr. Chacon offers an expert synergy of technical knowledge, artistic design and a client-focused philosophy.

He has “hands-on” experience in project oversight in mixed use, multi-family, residential remodels, tenant improvements, custom homes, educational and many other specialty assignments.

He gives special attention to cost control, quality and goal attainment. Previously, he worked at James Guthrie and Associates, San Mateo, CA where he worked on numerous multi-family apartment and mixed Use projects, varying in size and scope from 48 units to 100 units. At Studio T-Square Architects, Oakland, CA, he was the Project Manager on 2 Luxury apartment projects ,117 and 67 units over podium garage. Mr. Chacon received his Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He has been a California Licensed Architect since 1. In addition, he is a LEED Accredited Professional and CSI, CDT Construction Documents Technologist.

Abraham Ponce has spent over two decades working in the innovative world of the construction industry. His specialties include multi-family podium, single-family homes, townhomes, custom homes, commercial tenant improvements and retail locations. Abe is also a devoted father and husband who enjoys traveling to new places, spending time with his family and the art of barbeque grilling. He has a comedic disposition and tries to find the humor in all things. Following in his father’s footsteps, Abe pursued a career in construction, fueled by passion and persistence. In 2005 he founded a C California Corporation, which had humble beginnings with a small staff of 1-10 employees that grew to an impressive 100-150 staff during the volatile economic climate of the most recent recession. This growth was achieved by diligently maintaining the integrity and quality of his projects through the highest standards of consistent efficiency.

Through Abe’s unwavering ability to retain both customers and employees, he was supremely successful at becoming a trusted contractor to one of the biggest property trust holders in the West coast. Abe’s specialized trades include electrical, plumbing, Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarm Systems, DAS (ERRCS), 2way Radio, Off Sites & On Sites and underground utilities. He has an inspiring record for successfully completing projects under the most complicated conditions, including but is not limited to; poor weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances and shortage of personnel. Abraham Ponce is the Director of Construction for SiliconSage® Builders. He is vehement in his pursuit of perfection, unconditionally dedicated to his work and maintains an eternally positive demeanor at all times. In his role, he is competitive, hard working and extremely goal oriented. Working in a revolutionary field, Abe thrives in his position, creating a unique, efficient and safe work environment.

Abraham Ponce holds a CSL, B License and Specialty Licenses C10 and C36.

Lily Quan is an inspiring and creative thought leader with a multi-cultural upbringing between Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chile and her native city of Los Angeles. She speaks Cantonese and Mandarin but is a true Southern Californian full of optimism, passion and a taste for adventure. Between earning her BA from Long Beach State University and her MA in Educational Leadership from San Diego State University, Lily took a gap year to teach English in Hong Kong. As a travel aficionado, she worked on obtaining her private pilots’ license, but after the drastic, post 911 airline industry reform, Lily turned her attention and career path to real estate.

She kick-started her career in 2003 in dual roles as loan officer and real estate agent. Proving to be a coveted asset, she was soon recruited to the homebuilding industry where she built an illustrious career as a new homes consultant, managing all aspects of sales and marketing. Lily worked with successful class A, private and public developers including Irvine Company and Lennar.

Working for more than a decade and a half in the real estate and building industry has made Lily a true expert in the field and an incredible resource to her clients. Her impressive resume includes over 560 home sales and over $450 million of real estate sales.

A former track and field, all-star, college athlete, Lily possesses an eternally energetic spirit, and leisurely enjoys golfing, surfing and snowboarding. Her active life includes spending quality time with her identical twin boys, her supportive and loving husband and their adorable, old pound dog.

Challenging herself professionally is where Lily Quan truly thrives. As the Director of Sales and Marketing for SiliconSage® Builders, Lily is impeccably responsible, solution oriented, sensible and efficient in her role. She believes in improving lives by refining and defining the building industry standard, through design and well thought out features. The intricate process of home sales, from single family to ground-up, high-rises, coupled with her unwavering passion, has earned Lily the reputation of a sought after and respected professional in her field.

Payal Prasad is a unique Construction Project Manager with a background in Architectural studies. She has transformed herself from the Architectural industry to construction Project Management. In the process, she has found her passion working in all phases of project development from schematic designs through construction documentation and site implementation. She’s well versed in housing, commercial, mixed use and high-end retail projects. Currently Director of Project Management at SiliconSage® Builders, Payal coordinates with clients, consultants and product manufacturers to successfully lead projects from inception to completion. With a Bachelor degree in Architecture, and over a decade in the industry, Payal has forged her way into construction development where she can utilize her architectural background to her advantage in construction Project Management.

Payal sees her role as an opportunity to apply her experience and skills to promote a standard that delivers efficiency and value to all parties. She coordinates and supervises all construction related activities on all ongoing multifamily projects including budgets, status reports, construction schedules and progress. There is unequivocal pride for her to be a part of a cutting edge organization that utilizes atypical processes that produce innovative and cost effective benchmarks. Payal’s role is integral in developing an environment that is attractive to employees, contractors and investors, which result in a solid, long-term business structure.

Her team would describe her as a hard working, passionate professional with an innate desire for self-improvement and the cultivation of a positive environment. Payal’s colleagues would say she is unmistakably committed and possesses the experience and knowledge to tackle projects and goals with passion and precision. She is a self described, fun loving person and is always seeking happiness in the little things. Challenges and chasing goals keep her inspired and she is eternally motivated to achieve more and do more.

In her spare time, she dedicates herself to her children who are her inspiration and her joy. She is also an avid tennis player and meditates regularly to stay calm and sharp. Payal relishes new experiences and discoveries and enjoys traveling to new places with her family. As a humanitarian, she supports the Art of Living Foundation. To date, her biggest career accomplishment is her current role with SiliconSage® Builders.

Shaivali Desai holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Mumbai, India. She has over seventeen years of extensive experience in architectural design. Her areas of expertise include multi-family residences, custom homes, religious institutions, commercial and mixed use buildings. She believes in doing work that makes a difference, and truly appreciates the opportunity to apply her creativity skills in her profession.

Over five years ago she embarked on her career with SiliconSage® Builders as a Senior Designer. Soon she took over the role of Senior Manager of Forward Planning and Entitlement. Her passion and skills for the architectural and construction industry have propelled her into a leadership role in the fast paced, and energetic environment of SiliconSage Builders. Currently, as a Director of Acquisition and Forward Planning, she oversees acquiring new projects and Entitlement. Driven by her strong passion and adoration for design and construction, she is resourceful and result oriented in her role.

Shaivali is equipped with exceptional communication skills and an outgoing personality. As a self-motivated, team player, she has repeatedly demonstrated her capabilities to work collaboratively with different key departments such as Finance, Design, Construction and Sales. Her colleagues would say that she is very approachable, calm, and diligent about her work and exercises unequivocal integrity and loyalty.

Outside of work, she enjoys cooking daily fresh meals for her family. As a doting mother and a loving wife, family quality time and quiet movie nights are her most cherished moments. When she finds the time between projects, she loves to travel to her favorite beach destinations and practices the art of slow living. Her love for children also extends to her philanthropic contributions, which include children’s healthcare and educational programs and charities.