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SiliconSage® Builders, LLC (“SSB”), was founded by Sanjeev Acharya, an experienced high-tech executive in Silicon Valley. In 2007, he began his fascination with local real estate redevelopment and his transition to new home construction entrepreneur. The company has grown to over 200 employees in Santa Clara, CA as well as a support staff located in Bangalore, India.

SiliconSage® Builders is proud to bring high density and much needed urban in-fill townhomes and condominiums for sale to the Silicon Valley Metropolitan and Greater Bay Area.

Kevin Riley, Director of Planning and Inspection for the City of Santa Clara, was quoted in a recent Silicon Valley Business Journal as saying “SiliconSage has stepped forward to take on some unique challenges that I think no one else has been prepared to address.”

SiliconSage® is proud of its unique design-build model with in-house Acquisition, Design, Construction and Sales. We have a dream-team of highly qualified in-house staff and consultants who make the fast-paced growth journey that we have undertaken into an exciting and fun process. Our employees enjoy an environment of innovative projects, steady growth, long term prospects and a team that treats each other like a family.

The SiliconSage management team has many years of experience in development, architecture, design, entitlement, engineering, construction, sales, and real estate investments. Our continued success, all-encompassing vision coupled with strong execution, has generated an expanding pool of loyal investors whose tremendous interest in us has turned fund raising into an effortless process.

We pride ourselves in achieving our mission of building Quality homes for the urban communities we serve. Our love for the environment is shown by our commitment to building Green Point Rated and LEED – certified products. We want the neighbors in each urban community where we build to see our projects as a welcome addition to their neighborhood.

The team at SiliconSage® Builders measures its success with the Results of every project it creates. Results that mean a happy and proud homeowner, a house that becomes a home, and adds value to the community and immediate environment.


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